Development Process

Our engineering works on the product optimization for each application, by analyzing the design in robust simulations and validating the real products in laboratories which comply to the highest standards and specifications of our customers.



NEO RODAS develops and manufactures high quality aluminum wheels, with reliability and performance, serving exclusively the original market (OEM). Our products are developed with the vehicle manufacturers, within strict design parameters, aiming to optimize the performance for each application, and validated in simulations and laboratories by the most demanding standards and specifications of our customers. NEO RODAS engineering works with the main software in the market for design, according to the requirements of each client (among them CATIA, NX and Pro-E), mechanical simulations of impact and fatigue by finite elements (Ansys), and simulations of the casting process (Magma), minimizing the need for adjustments in the casting process and ensuring a reliable product in the shortest development lead time.



The NEO RODAS structure for validation includes complete laboratories, including the metallurgical lab (for analysis of alloy composition), dimensional lab (for validation of characteristics within the specified drawings and tolerances), mechanical and durability lab (to verify impact resistance and fatigue, among others) and chemical lab (for validation of the resistance of the painting applied to the products). During the development, we have an internal tool shop responsible for the design, manufacturing and maintenance of our molds. With this important resource (internal tool shop), we assure to customers total confidentiality regarding product designs, total control of materials used in the molds, in addition to a faster mold construction, to place them into operation/production as quick as possible.

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