Discover the production process of the original NEO RODAS aluminum wheels.
There are 6 basic processes from the raw material to the finished product.

01 / Melting

Aluminum is received and verified according to alloy specifications pre-defined in the internal plans. After release, the material is melted in specific ovens, remaining in liquid form for the following processes. Before being sent to the Foundry, the liquid aluminum undergoes a process of degassing and removing impurities.

02 / Casting

Liquid aluminum begins to take the shape of the product wheel. In specific equipment (injection molding machines), aluminum is “injected” in molds that give the wheel its raw shape, after the material is solidified. After cooling, the wheels go for X-ray inspection and after being released, they are sent to the next process.

03 / Heat Treatment

In some cases, the project requires that the wheels undergo heat treatment, which gives greater resistance to the product, with less material (lighter wheel). The treatment is done in specific ovens that provide the final strength of the material.

04 / Machining

The raw wheels go through the process that gives the final measurements of the drawing - the sides of the wheel (on which the tire is mounted) and other mounting measures on the vehicle, including holes (center and PCD), are machined. In this process, balance and tightness control of the wheels is carried out.

05 / Finishing and Painting

After machining, the wheels are properly finished, and go through the painting process, in special lines as specified by each customer. Some wheels also go through the diamond processing process, which consists of machining faces after painting the bottom, so that they are shiny (in the color of natural aluminum), and later varnished for final protection, giving an even more beautiful look to the wheels

06 / Inspection and Packaging

Finally the wheels go through a general inspection according to plans defined by each customer, and packaging, to go to their destination - vehicle assemblers, where they will be assembled in new cars (zero km), giving design and performance to these vehicles.

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