NEO RODAS signed in September 2019 a Technical-Commercial Cooperation Agreement with GRUPO <a>, from Colombia, which operates in various economic sectors, including the automotive sector.

NEO RODAS defines this agreement as an important step for the expansion and internationalization of the company. The agreement also has a strategic aspect for the Group <a>, which has more than 5,800 employees in various countries and has a strong presence in the Andean, Latin American and North American markets with two automotive wheel factories – Madeal and Cofre, as well as several factories and auto parts brands, and the partnership opens to Colombians the Brazilian (and future Argentine) market, to operate in these segments in a shorter and more agile way.

The two business groups, which operate in non-competing and complementary markets, seek with this agreement to combine the strengths of their operations and to be more competitive in their respective markets. At the same time, they aim to expand trade frontiers and add new business possibilities, with less time to implement and optimizing investments.

The main points defined in the agreement are as follows:


  1. Technical and commercial cooperation in the manufacture and marketing of aluminum and steel wheels in Mercosur. NEO RODAS is one of the leading OEM suppliers of aluminum wheels to automakers in Brazil and Mercosur, and Grupo <a>, through its wheel units (Madeal – Aluminum, and Cofre – Steel), also operates in the market by manufacturing wheels for light passenger and utility vehicles, trucks, buses, motorcycles and even tractors, trailers and harvesters.
  2. NEO RODAS (in conjunction with Cofre) presents itself as a new option of supplying steel wheels for light vehicle (passenger cars, utility vehicles) and heavy vehicle manufacturers (trucks, buses, trailers and tractors / machines) installed in Brazil, providing the entire local logistics, commercial, engineering and quality / after-sales structure. It will also offer Madeal Aluminum wheels to the light and heavy-duty market.


Studies are also starting for the opening of a new company in Brazil – aimed at importing and distributing auto parts manufactured by Grupo <a> and currently marketed in Colombia and neighboring countries, such as: shock absorbers, blocks and brake pads, light and heavy suspension, clutches, agricultural application parts, among others.


The companies will present the partnership and products to the market and customers at a booth at the SAE Brasil 2019 Congress, which will be held from October 14 to 18, 2019, at SP Expo, in conjunction with FENATRAN 2019.

For more information about the companies mentioned, the respective websites can be accessed:

NEO RODAS – www.neorodas.com.br

Grupo <a> – www.somosgrupo-a.com

Madeal – www.madeal.com.co 

Cofre – www.cofre.com.co 


Best Regards,


Murillo Di Cicco

International Commercial Director