We produce aluminum wheels of high quality, reliability and performance, serving exclusively the original market (OEM). Our roducts are developed with the carmakers, according to strict design parameters, aiming the optimization of the performance on each application, and validated in simulations and labs according to the most demanding standards and specifications of our customers.


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Quality and Certificates

Neo Rodas gives total priority to Quality, what is mandatory in the competitive and demanding market where the company is placed.

For this reason, constant investments are made in the production lines, like for example the new equipment for X-Ray inspection, and a leak inspection line by Helium, both automated, installed in 2016. There are investments made in the laboratories for the validation and follow-up of production as well.

The company has the ISO TS 949 certificate, for the Quality Management System, with focus on the automotive market. Besides the final approval by the customers on the final application, the products developed and produced by Neo Rodas are also certified by INMETRO, in accordance to the Brazilian law for automotive wheels, in terms of quality and durability.

In 2016, Neo Rodas obtained the certification for the Environmental Management System – ISO 14001, which confirms the focus of the company on the continuous improvement of its processes, products and results.

Below you will find our certificates for download: