About Us

We are a young company, born in 2016, but with a traditional DNA. So we are proud to say that we were born big!

Neo Rodas is a young company, which emerged in 2016, but with a traditional DNA, once it was born from the acquisition of the facilities of a historic Brazilian wheel manufacturer, operating in the original market since 2004.

Until 2004, the production unit was responsible for the production of wheels for the famous local brands Rodão and Binno, focusing on the aftermarket, being the national leader in the segment, besides having supplied the wheels of Brazilian Stock Car for a few years, which attests to the high technical capacity of the company and its production site since its origin.

Since 2004, with the decision to operate exclusively in the original market (OEM), the production unit has undergone for several improvements and certifications, including: VDA (VW audit), QSB (GM systematics), ASES (Renault audit), validation of products by INMETRO, ISO TS 16949 and more recently IATF 16949 (specific quality system certification for the automotive market), CQI-9 (heat treatment), in addition to ISO 14001 certification (environmental standard).

Neo Rodas was born among the main manufacturers of original aluminum wheels installed in Brazil and South America, position that is reinforced by its continued growth in sales during the recent years, always above the average of the automotive industry in Brazil.

For this reason, we're proud to say that we were born big!

Purpose and Identity


To be a leading company in the light alloy wheels market, keep employees motivated and entrepreneurs, as well as highly qualified partners, promoting the human relationship as a source of energy for constant improvement and to be a reference in added value for shareholders.


Our goal is to produce quality alloy wheels for the entire active market, generating jobs in a way that contributes to the sustainable development.


  • Health and safety of workers;
  • Innovation, creativity and flexibility to solve problems;
  • Respect for people and their development;
  • Quality and reliability of products;
  • Respect for the environment and the community around us;
  • Search for cost reductions;
  • Trust relationship with customers, suppliers and employees.
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